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BMI Songwriters Share Talents with VICC Team

June 1, 2010

By Cynthia Floyd Manley

At Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, we know that cancer is our competition and that to defeat it, it will take all of us, working together, bringing our individual talents and skills to the table.

Among the many partnerships that have been instrumental in the development and growth of our Center — particularly our research programs — is that with the music industry, and in particular with performing rights organization BMI. Frances Williams Preston, music industry icon and BMI’s longtime CEO, is a member of our Board of Overseers. The building that provides the focal point for our activities and laboratories supported by the T.J. Martell Foundation bear her name.

So it was only fitting that when BMI hosted a reception for our Board of Overseers last month, the special talents of BMI songwriters be showcased. BMI’s David Preston and Tom Annastas were on hand, and Preston had the honor of introducing two very talented gentlemen, Rob Crosby and Billy Montana.

It with pleasure and with permission (because we know it’s important to give our songwriting community proper credit and compensation!) that we share their performances here.

Concrete Angel by Rob Crosby

Bring on the Rain by Billy Montana

Till The Last Shot’s Fired by Rob Crosby

Suds in the Bucket by Billy Montana

Hope you enjoy watching these performances. Just one of those cool things about being based in Music City — getting to hear the songwriters share the songs they way they imagined them.

Please join us in thanking BMI, Billy and Rob, and all of Nashville’s songwriters for being such a generous bunch!