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Tabula Rasa: Journal of Medical Humanities Now Accepting Submissions

January 5, 2011

Tabula rasa flyerTabula Rasa, the School of Medicine’s journal of medical humanities, is now accepting submissions for its 2010-2011 issue. The theme of this year’s journal is “Transformation: How Illness and Healing Change Us.”

All submissions that meet the criteria (see below) will be featured on the Tabula Rasa website, and many of the selected submissions will be in the annual journal this spring. The creators of the top visual piece and the top written piece will be awarded for their achievement with a $50 prize.

The deadline for submission is Feb. 1.

For more information or to submit an entry, contact

For samples of last year’s submissions, please visit:


Tabula Rasa: Journal of Medical Humanities
“Transformation: How Illness and Healing Change Us”
Deadline February 1st, 2011

2010-2011 Theme —Transformation: How Illness and Healing Change Us

The experience of suffering from, treating, and healing from an illness can dramatically change an individual’s life. When undergoing diagnosis and care for an illness, a patient adapts to the new circumstances brought on by symptoms and side effects of treatment. For those in the medical profession, the experiences of providing care in situations with a poor prognosis or significant complications can alter one’s perspectives for the rest of his or her career. Society is affected by this theme of transformation significantly, as a single individual’s illness can impact entire communities. This edition of Tabula Rasa: Vanderbilt Journal of Medical Humanities aims to recognize, celebrate, and better understand the transformations incited by illness and the process of healing.

1. Submission options:
•    Visual
–    Photographs (digital format)
–    Paintings
–    Drawings
–    Graphic design (digital format)
–    Sculpture/3D Art

•    Written
–    Poetry
–    Film/Book/Theatre review (max. 400 words)
–    Prose (max. 500 words)
–    Satire (max. 450 words)
–    History/Ethics/Philosophy/Religion piece (max. 450 words)
–    Sociology/Psychology/Anthropology piece (max. 450 words)
–    Self Refiection piece (max. 450 words)
–    Interview with relevant, prominent figure (20 Q&A, engaging questions)

2. Please include your name, title, e-mail address, and phone number with your submission. You will be contacted regarding a short bio and picture to accompany your piece.

3. Please submit a NAME for your piece and the artistic medium (if applicable).

4. After the journal is published, we plan to host a silent art auction featuring submitted pieces (visual pieces). All proceeds will go to charity. Please indicate if you would NOT like to partake in the art auction as part of your submission.

5. The top visual piece and top written piece in each category will win a $50 prize (6 total prizes, 2 per category).

6. All submissions will be reviewed prior to publication. The editorial board reserves the right to edit for style, grammar, and content.