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Mammograms Save Lives

October 17, 2011

E! News’ 36-year-old Giuliana Rancic has been diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. The tumor was found after her doctor recommended a mammogram while starting her third round of in vitro fertilization (IVF). She believes that she will be OK since it was detected early. As she stated this morning on the Today Show, “Start putting yourself on your to-do list.”

Early detection is key according to Dr. Ingrid Meszoely, the clinical director of the Vanderbilt Breast Center, as she describes the importance of receiving yearly mammograms. She addresses concerns some women have about them, but she’s quick to point out that mammograms save lives. As part of breast cancer awareness month, we encourage women 40 years old and older as well as those with a family history of breast cancer to see their health care provider for their annual mammograms.