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News: Lung Cancer

Overcoming lung cancer drug resistance

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Despite advances in diagnosis and treatment, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death. Many lung cancer patients have mutations in the proteins regulating cell growth, such as the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). Tumors with EGFR mutations are initially extremely responsive to EGFR-specific tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs). Unfortunately, tumors rapidly become resistant to […]

Study identifies new culprit in lung cancer development

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

A microRNA — a small piece of RNA involved in regulating gene expression — functions as an oncogene to drive the development of lung cancer, Vanderbilt University investigators have discovered. The microRNA, known as miR-31, is expressed at high levels in human lung adenocarcinoma, and its expression correlates with reduced patient survival, said Christine Eischen, […]

Lovly lands cancer research grant from V Foundation

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Christine Lovly, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of Medicine and Cancer Biology, has been awarded a V Scholar Grant from the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The award, funded by The Hearst Foundation, will provide $200,000 over two years for the study of a novel gene mutation linked to some forms of cancer. The V Scholar […]

VICC helps expand cancer patient’s treatment options

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Edward (Ned) Wikle recently celebrated the Christmas holidays with his wife and three young children, a celebration the Jackson, Mississippi-based endodontist, U.S. Navy veteran and cancer patient wasn’t sure he would have. But research by Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC) investigators and the discovery of a novel gene mutation in his tumor have given him more […]

VICC’s Horn lands Team Leadership Award from NCI

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Leora Horn, M.D., M.Sc., associate professor of Medicine and clinical director of the Thoracic Oncology Program at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC), has received a 2015 Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award (CCITLA) from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Horn is one of 11 clinical investigators selected to receive a 2015 CCITLA, which were announced during […]

Potential target for lung cancer therapy

Friday, October 9th, 2015

A protein that transports the amino acid glutamine is a potential biomarker and therapeutic target for non-small cell lung cancer, Vanderbilt researchers reported in the Oct. 1 International Journal of Cancer. Pierre Massion, M.D., and colleagues previously demonstrated that the protein SLC1A5 is the primary transporter of glutamine – a modulator of cell growth and oxidative […]

New type of trial shows promise for several cancers

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Anti-cancer drugs are typically tested on one type of cancer at a time. But an international consortium of cancer investigators, including Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC) researchers, simultaneously tested an existing therapy in patients with several different forms of cancer that all exhibit the same tumor gene mutation. The new clinical trial showed promising results in […]

Singer’s selfless gift benefits lung cancer program

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

In a town full of amazing singers, Nashville songstress Dawn Sears’ voice was something special. Among the music professionals who tour with superstars and perform in Nashville recording sessions, Sears was celebrated for a voice of crystalline purity. The “Dawn Sears and Friends” event, emceed by Olympic figure skater and cancer survivor Scott Hamilton, and […]

Lung cancer foundation lauds Massion’s contributions

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Pierre Massion, M.D., director of the Thoracic Program and an Ingram Professor of Cancer Research at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, has been recognized for his pioneering work in lung cancer by the LUNGevity Foundation. During his six-year tenure as chair of that board, Massion helped guide the foundation’s grant funding program.The foundation named him the June […]

Cancer signaling pathway blocker

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have discovered a new way to inhibit Hedgehog (Hh) signaling, an important regulatory pathway for vertebrate development – and cancer. Abnormal regulation of this pathway leads to several human malignancies, including small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, and therefore it is a potential drug target for cancer. Small molecules have […]

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